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Meet The Randolph's

Dr. Thad & Dr. Amanda

Dr. Thaddeus and Amanda Randolph, retired U.S. Army veterans, have navigated the challenges and joys of married life. Their journey included enduring periods of separation due to military duties, including combat 

operations or temporary assignments. Their guiding 

principles revolve around Faith, Family, and Finance. Their enduring 38-year marriage is deeply rooted in their Christian faith. Proud parents of two sons, Samuel and Xavier, they aim to establish a lasting family legacy with biblical values that positively influence future generations. Their mission is to empower couples to cultivate strong marriages and foster healthy family bonds infused with the love of Christ.

Dr. Thaddeus has a Master of Arts in Pastoral Counseling and an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Humanitarianism from GIA Advocate University. He formerly served as Ministries Director at Strong Tower Church in Fredericksburg, VA. Paramount to his 20-year experience coaching and mentoring soldiers, Thaddeus has over 30 years of coaching and mentoring Christians in their Christian walk. As an ordained minister of the Gospel, Thaddeus has preached nationally, and internationally in Germany, South Korea, Haiti, Uganda, and Kenya. Additionally, he coaches incarcerated men in life skills they can use once released and also mentor's teens through Teen Enrichment Network and Teen Challenge in Fredericksburg, VA.


Amanda holds a Master of Arts in Human Services with a focus on Marriage and Family and an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Humanitarianism from GIA Advocate University. She is an ordained minister who has delivered sermons both nationally and internationally, including in Germany, South Korea, Bosnia, and Baghdad. Amanda has guided numerous young Christians on their spiritual paths through her faith journey. Previously, she managed a team of 6 Marriage Mentor Couples as the Marriage Mentor Coordinator at Strong Tower Church. With over 20 years of experience coaching and mentoring soldiers, Amanda has also dedicated more than 30 years to mentoring and teaching young Christians as a gospel minister and educator. 

Total Grace Solutions appreciates the chance to offer services alongside Dr. Thaddeus and Amanda Randolph. Known for their inspirational and vibrant speaking, Thad and Amanda blend Biblical teachings with personal anecdotes to motivate couples and individuals to fulfill God's plan for their lives. Their communication approach, combined with sharing their own life journeys, will inspire and align you with God's intentions for your relationships. Following their engaging teachings, you will gain valuable insights on how your life experiences can elevate both you and your relationships to new heights.

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