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Our Beginning

And the Two Shall Become One

We first crossed paths in December 1985 while stationed in The Republic of South Korea. Our courtship was far from ordinary.  Initially, I was drawn to Amanda, but she 

was already romantically involved with someone else. She often jokes about not liking me at first, but it was my winning smile that eventually won her heart.

As military personnel stationed abroad, we had to seek permission from our superiors to marry. The process began with a lot of paperwork, proceeded to interviews with our respective commanders, and finally a meeting with a military chaplain. The day we tied the knot wasn't a grand celebration. It was on a sunny Friday morning in the Land of the Morning Calm (South Korea). We embarked on a journey, first to Pyeongtaek for local municipal approval, then to Seoul to the US Embassy for the final authorization and paperwork filing. This journey has led us to various places and thrilling escapades. Throughout our military service and shared experiences, we encountered numerous obstacles, including extended separations due to assignments and deployments. 

There were moments when marital harmony and success seemed out of reach. However, our faith in God, dedication to one another, and commitment to creating a legacy of love and hope for our children guided us through every obstacle we encountered. Throughout the years, there were occasions when we may not have seen eye to eye, but our love for each other remained strong. We have learned that lasting love involves embracing imperfections, rejoicing in victories, supporting one another, and consistently prioritizing God during challenging times. Sustaining a long-lasting marriage requires trust in God, trust in each other, loyalty, intentionality and persistence.

"In relationships, everyone wants to be heard. We have learned it's best to talk less, listen more, and keep our emotions in check.
James 1:19 backs up this principle."

Thad & Amanda Randolph

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